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vesting membership

To liberate is to be liberated. By joining us, you commit your Self to cooperation in support of the Quest we are on to do good deeds in an effort to create the conditions for each of us to self actualize.


constructive cooperatives

Teams are the formative force that build and preserve the infrastructures that power Collectives to provide universal human needs as fair, safe, and symbiotic resources for the good residents of the DMV.


cooperative collectives

The Members of these collectives are genuinely committed to the ideals that manifest as the fulfillment of normative collective duties sufficiently necessary to create the conditions for symbiotic pedagogy towards fair, safe, and stable ecosystems for the residents of the DMV.


connective colleges

Deeds not Words. We become what we do, and do what we are taught. We choose to build systems that only ever lead to good deeds, and only teach symbiotic pedagogy that creates the conditions to support each individual effort to self actualize through those deeds.

Protect Residents

symbiotic ecosystems

These collectivized cooperative pedagogical efforts form fair, safe, and stable hyperlocal symbiotic resources anyone living in the DMV can access to support civilized neighbors genuinely committed to a life of good deeds.


A Quest Called The DMV

Better to be of service to a poor master, then to live as they do.

Some feel a sacred duty to create the conditions for human souls to self actualize in a symbiotic pedagogical ecosystem, and a deep devotion to safeguard the well being of any resident that reveres these sacred spaces we inhabit as our ecosystem.